Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Staying Focused....Or Maybe Not

Working backwards here....this morning I trained shoulders before work because I have dim light qualifications tonight. I always worry that my early morning workouts are going to be crap simply because I'm not used to having to be very focused at 5am (I'm a complete zombie when I'm doing my cardio). Plus, I tend to not eat before I train that early because the thought of food at 5am makes me want to lose the chow. This morning went rather well, though. I missed 110 on standing presses again, ony getting 3 reps. But when I dropped back down to 105, I got 5 and solidified, mentally, that I can handle that weight. I didn't intend for it to go this way, but the remainder of the workout turned out to be all supersets. I got a crazy pump and started to see some vascularity in my shoulders...love it! It's funny, shoulders have always been a body part that's been tough for me to really hammer at and get good and sore, but the past few weeks I've managed to hit 'em good. And I can definitely see some changes in them.

Last night's leg workout was rather interesting. To make a long story short, we trained early and were rushed because I was trying to get home in time for a late furniture delivery that I wound up missing anyway. We cut out some stuff that we normally do, but having a small window of time in which to train forced me to turn it up and make the most out of the little bit that we did do. I guess you could say that I got 230 for 5, but I didn't count it in my log book. I did do 5 reps, but they weren't all the way down, and my training partner had to offer a little assistance on the 5th rep. So, looks like I'll try for 230 again next week. I wasn't as sore today as I was last Tuesday, but all things considered, it was a decent workout.

Sunday's arm workout was also another good one, leaving my bi's AND tri's hurting. Usually, I can only get one to be sore and not the other. Got 'em both this week. After training, my partner and I did a little bit of cardio, and I got some good insight on my own training (even though that wasn't his intention). We talked about how people can easily lose the enjoyment of just hammering away on the weights with only one intention--get sore. When you introduce certain goals, you can become tunnel visioned and things become muddled (at least for me). You start to lose sight of why you're training in the first place....because you love it. I am trying to keep that in the back of my mind, as I can see my own vision becoming restricted. I know I need to stay focused on November and my goals for switching to bodybuilding. But if I lose sight of why I train and forget how to go in and just train to get sore, I know I my time in this sport will end as quickly as it started. So for now, yes, I'm still trying to hit new maxes (so I ensure I'm making progress), but I'm going to make a conscious effort to not worry about what weight I'm using and really just train to get sore....

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