Friday, March 13, 2009

Fatty McFatstein

That exactly what I feel like the past few days. Hell, I'm so damn bloated that my WATCH is practically cutting off the circulation in my wrist. And I have a muffin top today because I now own no pants that fit around my fat gut....awesome. Who needs a belt? Muffin tops and fat asses hold everything in place...I find that it's very economical considering that we're now in a recession. As you can see, I'm clearly in a good place regarding my offseason. I'm sure if I went back and read my posts, I would be enlightened to my rediculous biopolar day I'm strong and feeling great about my progress and how I look and the next day I'm a fat slob. Ah yes, the joys of the sport (and perhaps a mild eating disorder).

Moving along....Tuesday night was arms, and I had a great workout. We moved a lot quicker than we usually do, which helped create a sick pump that I don't often get from training slower (my training partner could rightfully be described as a slow poke sometimes). Naturally I wasn't moving some of the weight that I typically do, but it was still a good workout. Wednesday night was hams, and went ok until I got to squats. My lower back was SO sore and my stomach was rediculously bloated (yay mother nature), that I couldn't control my breathing and support the weight I knew I could. So that sucked.

I swear, I wish we could design our bodies like you can design a Dell computer....I'll have this hardware system. I don't want that software option. I could use that program, and oh, a DVD burner would be nice too. I have no intention of using my Baby Makin' program, so why did it have to be installed as undeletable hardware? Sure, I could spend lots of money rewiring the system, but WTF? I already spent several thousand dollars for an additional optional program (or rather, 2, I guess). But THEY were definitely worth it!

Ok, back on track here....last night, I worked late and was off as usual from training. Tonight's shoulders. I'll unfortunately be by myself because my training partner is in South Carolina for spring break Marist Crew style. So I'll be training solo for the next 10 days or so....probably NOT a good thing right now. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't quit sometime during the next week....

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