Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Max and a Weight Update

Yesterday's chest workout yeilded a new max and then some! I trained by myself since my partner was away racing for the weekend. But I sucked it up and did 5x5 on incline bench. Good thing I did. I got 130 for 5 without a problem. So, I thought, "eh, what the f, I'll try 135." I got it for 3, easy breezy. Guess I kinda sold myself a little short yesterday, but at least I got over the fear of the weight (for now at least).

This morning I weighed 148.8, up 1.2...just right. I did eat some extra calories this week outside of my original plan. Trained back today and had a pretty damn good workout. I only got 315 for 3, but it's a start. For whatever reason, those three plates scare the crap out of me, so I'm ok with how things went. Plus, it was a 10 lb jump. Maybe I'll try for 310 instead next week. The rest of the workout went well. I added some different stuff in to mix it up a bit and got a great pump. Already my back's starting to feel sore. In fact, I think a good little nap would be a great idea to help with my recovery right now. Sweet dreams :-)

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