Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Geting Caught Up: A Random Training Partner, Seeing Vascularity, and Half-Assed Hams

As usual, Monday night was back, and I wasn't feeling it going into the gym. I still can't seem to pull my head out of my ass with all the issues going on in my personal life. Focusing on anything these days is a rarity. Anyway, I went in and started plugging along on dead lifts and missed 305 again. I have no doubt that, had my training partner been there, I would have got it. After finishing deads, a guy I know from the gym through my training partner and my ex (they all went to hs together) showed up and was training back, too. So we hooked up and finished the workout together. Now he and I have never trained together and rarely talk about anything more than training, but for whatever reason, we put together a pretty good back workout. And training with someone I didn't know very well was a good way to distract me from my psycho thoughts and focus on the training. I was still sore this morning.

Last night was arms, which I have come to dread because of pain I have been getting in both of my forearms. The pain is in the same spot, so I'm apt to think that maybe it's tendonitis? I don't know. I just put a shitload of Tiger Balm on it and move on. Well, last night's workout turned out to be a really good one. Similar to last week's arm workout, I moved quick and got a crazy pump. Seems that's going to be the plan of attack now with arms, as the quick supersets pump some serious blood to the muscles. It makes fixing my ponytail very difficult....not that I ever really do my hair before the gym anyway (insert brick comment here). My big excitement for that workout, though, was the vascularity that's starting to creep out in my bi's. Being vascular was never a strong point for me. I rarely had any vascularity (at least how I would want it) until the day or two before a show. And you can sure as hell forget seeing any vein during an offseason....until now! So, yes, in my own dorky world I was pretty excited. Now don't get me wrong, they were, by no means, popping out everywhere, but damnit, they were there!

On to this morning....half-assed was exactly what this workout felt like on a lot of levels. In case you haven't figured it out, I have a tendency to like to throw around heavy weight, and it's hard for me to pull back and really focus on the full range of motion, pausing at the top of the rep, and really creating deep cuts and lines. So, I tried to do that today, but I always end up feeling like it was a crappy workout. I was definitely huffing and puffing today, and my hams and glutes were burning, but I know I won't have that soreness tomorrow. Half-assed could also apply to the fact that I feel like I'm only training half my left hamstring was especially bothersome today, and I was in a lot of pain. But I will say this, I did at least go see my doctor to get a referral for a physical therapist. So, I'm one step closer to actually dealing with this problem.

Today, I'm off from work (hence the morning ham workout) and am headed down to get a checkup on the twins and then I'm meeting a good friend for lunch who I haven't seen in forever. It'll be good to see her, as there's clearly lots to catch up on. Plus, like I said before, I could use a break from my head lately.

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