Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Little of This and a Little of That

Surprisingly, my hams were pleasantly sore after Wednesday's I guess, my little change-up helped. The rest of the day was great, and it was good to spend some time with one of my girls. We just got lunch, shopped, and chick day. Plus, on the more vain side, I was pleasantly surprised with her reaction to my new look. Of course friends are always biased when talking about eachother, but she was definitely a little impressed with the obvious changes I had made, which was good for my ego. Thursday was off from the gym as usual. Unfortunately, since I started working this new position, even though I don't train on Thursdays, I still get home just as late and just as tired. Thursdays are my reporting days where I have people scheduled all day to come in and see me up until at 7pm. Of course, the past several Thursdays have resulted in some work-related crisis that has led me out of the office and tied up at work later than I want....NOT a very restful day away from the gym.

Anyway, last night was shoulders, and I missed 110 for 5 on standing presses. But considering that I've never even touched that much weight, I was happy with the 3 reps I did get out of it because they were good solid ones. Again, I moved through the rest of the workout quick and got a great pump. I've been trying to incorporate some ideas that were given to me by my friend who visited a couple weeks ago and "reintroduced" me to this type of training. I have to say, as much as I enjoy training by myself at times, I can't wait for my training partner to come back. He's always good at helping pull me out of my head when I get down, since he's just a big goof ball.

At this morning's weigh-in, I was 147.6...down 2.4. Which says to me that the weight I put on last week was ALL mother nature....WTF? To any guy who doubts the effects of PMS on a woman's body and the complaints of feeling/being bloated, here's proof that it does happen. I knew at least some of that 2.6 pounds that I had put on was from my period, but I thought for sure that I'd be at least 148.5 or even 149. Looks like I need to get to eating. I trained back this morning and had another great breakthrough dead lifting 305 for 5. That was awesome (well, I guess hitting any new max is awesome). The set felt great. The 5th rep was a little shaky but only because I was scared, not because I couldn't physically get it. It's funny, it seems like I don't know how that 5th set is going to go until I get to my 4th set. Usually, if the 4th set goes up ok, I know I'll hit the max on number 5, which was exactly the case today. Since I was feeling all cocky, I put 335 on to try and get that for 1....HA! Who the hell do I think I am? I couldn't even get that shit up off the floor. So I backed it off to 225 and pulled 8. I did a couple supersets in the rest of the workout and tried to move as quick as my huffin and puffin fat ass could, and it turned out to be a good workout.

Yesterday's back workout marked the first day of the new split, so we'll see how it goes. I think it'll work out ok. I wanted to put certain body parts during the week when my training partner is around since he's now away every weekend for the racing season. Tomorrow morning is arms, but there will be no sleeping in for me. Wedding mania starts tomorrow with the first of a few bridal showers/bachelorette parties. I swear, if I ever make it to the point of getting married, I don't think I want to put my friends through a shower and force them to watch me open presents for 3 hours. Hell, that would just get in the way of my own training/napping on a Sunday afternoon.

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