Sunday, March 15, 2009

Getting Nothing Done

Pretty much the theme of my weekend. Friday started out ok, and I had a really good workout...finally got 105 for 5 on standing presses. But it was pretty much all downhill after that. I had intentions of doing laundry Friday night so that I could go to the mall and purchase more fat pants Saturday before going into work Saturday night. So, I put my laundry in the trunk of my car and headed home from the laundrymat (I know, an exciting life I live). When I get home, the hood of my trunk won't open. After messing with it several times and calling everyone and their mother, I drove across town and met up with a friend who was at work but thought he might be able to figure it out or at least break it open without causing too much damage. He and his partner both tried messing with the cable, but we still couldn't get in. And by now, it's nearly 11:30pm, and I just wanted to go to bed. So, I head home with the plan to get it fixed in the morning at Honda. Now, I wasn't comlpetely worried about getting to all my clean clothes in there. Nope, not me. I was worried about how I was going to get to my belt for my morning leg workout.

So I get up and head to Honda as soon as they opened (but not before I weighed myself in at 150....fuck!) and wind up sitting there for 2 and a half hours for them to look at my car and tell me the trunk latch is broken and they don't have the part. Then they tell me how much it's going to cost (part and labor), and it's f'ing rediculous. But they tell me, it's ok because they got my rear seat down by drilling into the side of it so that I could get the stuff out of my trunk. Awesome, thanks Honda for that great service. So by the time I get to the gym on Saturday, it's almost noon, I'm by myself in a near empty gym, and I'm in no frame of mind to train legs. But I do them anyway. Not surprisingly, I missed 235 and only got it for 3....and 3 shitty ones at that. I tried to move quick through the rest of the workout and wound up feeling pretty sick. Not a stellar workout but certainly nothing to write home about.

Then I worked Saturday night (see, like I said, I live a rock star life here) and then was out much later than planned. This morning's chest workout was pathetic. I didn't even do 5x5's because I was training by myself and figured I'd probably miss my max, so why bother frustrating myself. The workout itself had good intentions, but, again, I wasn't in a good frame of mind to get in a good workout. I'm nervous that the rest of the week will progress like this since I'll be by myself. The thing is, I usually kind of like to train by myself, but apparently the last two days it's been a bit of a hindrance. Keep your fingers crossed that this theme doesn't coneinue through the week....

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