Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quick note on my training...each week I pick one compound exercise for each major body part (back, chest, quads, shoulders) and try to hit a new 5RM each week. So far, here's where I stand:
Back: Dead Lift-275
Chest: Incline BB press-100
Quads: Squat (ass to ankles)-175
Shoulders: Standing BB Military Press-85

Last weigh-in was last Saturday, and I was 127.8. I plan on weighing myself only once a week on Saturday mornings before training...a time I have come to dread.

The First Step

Ok, so I'm taking a page out of the book of several of my friends and starting a blog. Why? Who could possibly want to read what I have to write? I have no idea, but it's my attempt at holding myself accountable to follow through with "a real offseason." I've been competing in figure since 2005 and have been lucky enough to have had a pretty good run so far. But that's the thing, a lot of it has just been luck and plain old stubborness on my part. This year is the first time that I am going to put as much effort into my offseason training as I do my contest prep.

In the past, I could probably best be described as a cardio queen who lifts weights. I had the dreaded fear of putting on too much weight in the offseason (god forbid I should put on some muscle while I was at it) and kept my calories restricted and the cardio high...despite loving to eat and throw around heavy weight. Needless to say, showtime left me looking like a skinny, stringy rag. This contest season, I took a completely different approach to prep by working with Dave Palumbo--which meant no carbs and loooooong, low intensity cardio. I looked the absolute best I ever have and finally made it to the national level stage at Junior Nationals in Chicago.

And that brings me to my offseason. My drastically different approach to contest prep this year proved relatively successful, why not drastically revamp my offseason approach? This means a complete mental and physical overhaul--being ok with eating lots of food and cutting way back on the cardio.

...So, here I am, just about six weeks after Junior Nationals. About 15 pounds heavier (yay for chipmunk cheeks). Eating about 2500 calories a day. And reaching new 5RM each week in just about every body part. Looks like a good first step...