Saturday, March 7, 2009

Training With a Twist

Last night and this morning's workouts were a little different for me. A family friend, who also happens to be a personal trainer, was home visiting for the weekend, and I had the opportunity to train with shoulders with him last night and legs with him this morning. While his approaches to training were rather different than what I have been used to as of late, they were welcomed (sort of) changes. I had to have a little trust in him, after all, he did help Yaz Boyum to a respectable 6th place finish at the Arnold several years ago. My only stipulation was that I keep my 5x5, and he was given free range for the rest of the workouts. I missed 105 again on military presses, but we moved through them much quicker than I'm used to. I did 105 for 3 twice, so had I just worked hard the first time, I might have squeaked out 5 reps...blah. The rest of the workout continued with the fast pace and included some supersets. It was a good workout overall, and I got a sick pump that I rarely ever get when training shoulders.

This morning's leg workout was the big deal here. My goal with this round of 5x5 was to reach 225 for 5 within the next month or so....well, I managed that a little ahead of schedule. I was on track to try for 220 today, but 195 went up very well on my 4th set. So I figured, what the hell, let me at least just feel 225, maybe I'll get 2 or 3 ok reps, but at least I'll feel the weight. Well, apparently it felt better than I anticipated because I managed 4 solid reps and a shaky 5th one. The rest of the workout was fast paced again and included more supersets (AGAIN! aarrggg). Overall, another good workout for the weekend. At least this sort of makes up for the fact that I'm missing the weekend at the Arnold. Of course, I'm sure tomorrow morning's chest workout will be pathetic as usual.

Anyway, my weight went up to 147.8 (up 1.4 from last week). So far, good steady progress. I'd like to gain no more than 1.5 per week and would be happier with 1. I have a feeling I'll be up to 155 in no time, ugh. I swear, this better pay off come November!

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