Saturday, February 28, 2009

Big Wheels

Yeah buddy! I had to put this in here because it was probably my favorite toy growing up. I totally used to rule the neighborhood pedaling around on my Smurfette Big Wheel, running over any and everything in my way.

Also, today's workout was all about big wheels. I managed, again, to make progress on my squats getting 215 for 5! It was a good set; though, my 4th rep was a little shaky, making me nervous for the final rep. I had so much anxiety going into this workout because I knew I'd be training by myself, and I was afraid of squatting without someone at least standing there. But it wound up being a killer workout. Again, stronger on pretty much everything, and my legs are already getting a little sore. Hopefully, I'll be at my goal of 225 within a month.

It seems that every once in a while, I have one particular body part that makes consistent progress for weeks on end. I'm struggling with pretty much everything else, but my squats just keep jumping up. In fact, I've managed to get in great leg workouts for the past few weeks (despite my little knee mishap). Last night's shoulder workout yielded no progress on standing presses but was still a good workout overall. I got 105 for 3, then dropped down to 100 and squeaked out 5....same as last week. Son of a bitch! I thought I would have 105 this week.

I will say new position at work has had some impact on my workouts. Lately, nobody on my caseload seems to be doing what they're supposed to, which leaves me running around trying to find them or arrest them or bring them back to court--or all 3. And all that equates to me being completely mentally (and sometimes physically) exhausted. I'm working more hours, too. I'm a little nervous about how this will all pan out when I start dieting. I guess I'll find a way to make it work.

Oh yeah, one more weight. Up to 146.4 today (+3 lbs). My appetite started coming back this week, but I was still force feeding a little bit. As with most things, as time goes on, I know I'll start to feel better, but in the meantime, it still just stinks.

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