Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Change Up

Last night, my training partner and I opted for a little change of training scenery and went to a different local gym to hit up arms. It was a nice change from the often drab atmosphere that permeates our gym. There are a lot more younger people there, and by younger, I mean our age (which I guess isn't that young). There is also a little bit different attitude toward training out there in the sense that people are more serious about. Of course, with the younger population and "more serious" attitude toward training comes an extra dose of douchiness. But it was tolerable, and we had a pretty good workout overall.

One thing I will say, the makers of all barbells (EZ curl bars, regular bars, etc.) need to engrave the weight of the bar somewhere on the bar itself. For the life of us, we couldn't decide how heavy the EZ curl bar was. It seemed heavier than the typical 25lb bar but not heavy enough to be 35lbs. Being so obsessive about tracking my workouts makes this a problem for me because I feel like I have no idea if I had a good workout, as I can only base the opinion on how I feel afterwards. Also, I have thought many times about joining this gym even though it is WAY out of the way from any where I go during my regular day. They have great old school hammer equipment and a good setup for the leg stuff. But the deal breaker for me is the damn rubber weights...WTF!?! I just don't understand that. They're hard to get off the bar, and they're so much more cumbersome....essentially they're pointless. Of course, that's not entirely the deal breaker...that also came in the form of some of the people I ran into as well (but we won't go there).

It was pretty funny running into some people that I used to talk to from back when I trained at Gold's. I could easily say that I got the same reaction from everyone, "Woah, you got huge." Thanks, people. Though, there was one powerlifter guy who commented on my increased size, but in a tactful, complementary way that only another strength/physique athlete could do. So, overall, not a bad idea to break out of the mold for the night. Tonight it's back to drab....

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