Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Science Ball Thingie Workout

Last night was arms, which proved to be a pretty damn good workout. Trained with my usual partner, and I managed to get a great pump. The best part was that my wrists/forearms didn't bother me, so I was able to move the weight without any pain or numbness.

Tonight is hams. Usually I would squat at the end (either 5x5 or 6x10) but I'm trying to be smart here and let my knee get better so I can get some good quality squats in on quad day. I iced it again last night, and it seems to be feeling better. I could probably squat tonight but my "modifications" would likely wind up hurting me more. So I'll wait. But I'm such a nut job that I actually wrote in big letters under today's date "NO SQUATS" so I don't get all crazy and decide to do them. As great as Clarke and the Homeslice are as training partners, they're crazier than I am and wouldn't think twice about squatting with bad kneess (oh wait, they already do).

On a non-training related note, I have to comment on how I never cease to amaze myself with my level of stupidity. On the ride up to the gym last night, there was a car in front of us with a little ornament on the rear antenna. When I got close enough to get a better look at it, it looked like a ball with rings around it. And the subsequent conversation went a little like this:Me: "It looks like one of those science ball thingies." Clarke: "You mean, an atom?" Me: "Yeah, that." I swear, sometimes I don't know how I made it through college or managed to get my job. A lesson to be learned kiddies....there is some truth in the belief that you really don't have to be smart to be a cop/probation officer/parole officer. (For an extended version of the intellectual conversation, see

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