Saturday, September 26, 2009

Too Many Pairs of Black Pants

...And none of them are fitting me anymore. I'm getting to the stage in my diet (quite a bit earlier than I would have thought, actually) where even my small contest prep gym pants are getting big on me. I was considering going out to buy a couple of cheap pairs, perhaps from the Children's Place, until I did laundry the other day and realized that I own at least 10 pairs of black gym pants in a range of sizes and styles. How could I possibly justify buying MORE black gym pants? But I may not have a choice in the next few weeks...I was down three pounds this week, yeah, THREE. It seems that about every other week the weight just falls off, and then I have a week where I lose maybe only one pound. Either way, it's progress in the right direction, and I'm loving it. Workouts this week were mediocre, but that could also be due to my messed up work schedule and trying to jam in workouts wherever I could. I know it's been a screwy week when my Friday night chest workout is the best workout of the week. I'm also not too happy about the fact that I didn't get a chance to practice my posing at all this week until this morning. I made sure to get some good time in front of the mirror working on my mandatories and my routine. I'm down to 7 weeks left, and I don't want to look like a complete novice up there with my presentation, so I'm going to work on adding another day or two of posing into the mix.

Anyone who's even remotely interested in the sport of bodybuilding knows that this weekend is the big Olympia weekend, and I already resolved myself to the fact that I'm probably going to be glued to my computer for all the updates, videos, and play by plays. Last night I managed to be able to stay up long enough to see Iris Kyle edge out Heather Armbrust, which I was very disappointed about. I'm always a big fan of seeing an underdog (so to speak) take down the reigning champ. But it was a good fight among the top 6, and I enjoyed watching them all. I just couldn't hang for the men's pre-judging, though, and fell asleep sometime long before Cutler made it out on stage. I'm making sure I'm up for tonight's men's finals and the figure finals. There's nothing like watching a show like this (even if it is only on webcast) to keep the motivation going.

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