Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well, surprisingly, I'm still alive after one long ass weekend working the Species Booth at Team U. I got to the city at 5:30 Friday night and worked until around 10:00 and then drove back up here. By the time I got home, packed my stuff for the following day and finally got into bed, it was almost 2am. I had to be back at the venue at 8 the next morning, so I was up at 5am and on the road by a little after 6...ugh. I rearranged my training split so that all I had to worry about on Saturday was getting my cardio in, which I literally dragged myself through after an epic morning of more prejudging. Unfortunately, I missed most of the female bodybuilding but I got to catch some of figure and was able to see some of my friends that were there competing. Now, it's a known fact that I don't function well on very little sleep, and 3 hours of sleep is really pushing it for me. By 2pm, I'd already taken a hyperdrive, drank a large DD coffee, and then two VPX Redlines...none of which was doing a good job of keeping me awake. So, I trudged across the street to a New York Sports Club and did my cardio.

I was lucky enough to get hooked up with Dan Ray for a little photo shoot after I was kind of coaxed into it by a third party. So, I showered and met up with Dan at 5:30, and did a quick shoot. I'm such a spaz and so uncomfortable in front of a camera. I've always hated taking pictures, and even with Dan's cool, nonthreatening personality, I still had a hard time relaxing. Proof that he really is a good photographer? He made my stiff, unnatural poses somehow look good, and there were actually a few shots in there that I really liked. It's funny because, I love being on stage, and you can take all the pictures you want of me when I'm up there, but beyond that, I HATE the camera.

Anyway, during my cardio, I wasn't feeling well at all...light-headed, foggy, and just really irritable. I was able to catch a 15 minute nap before meeting Dan and got some more coffee and was able to pull it together for the remainder of the night. I got to hand out trophies for the women's bodybuilding and saw some old friends who came down to watch the show. It was ultimately a fun day, but I still new something wasn't right with me physically. Fortunately, I was allowed to leave a little early and was home by 1am. I was starving and decided to have my cheat meal. After finally falling asleep around 2, I woke up an hour later to SEVERE cramping in both quads. It was so bad that I actually yelled out in pain because it woke me up. I could barely even get up to walk and started to panic. Because I was still half-asleep and not realzing what was happening, I called a friend and freaked out. He calmed me down, reminded me that it was probably from the lack of water all day and all the stimulants, and then told me to mix up some salt water and drink it, and it helped within minutes. Less than 45 minutes later, I'm back in bed and I can feel it the cramping coming on again, so I ultimately took some advil and made a mix of crystal light and salt and sipped on that until I could finally fall asleep around 4:30.

This morning, I rolled out of bed and somehow made it to the gym by 10 where I went through a horrible arm workout and some cardio. Still feeling sick from a combination of the lack of sleep, the cheat meal, and being horribly depleted, I came home and slept for the rest of the afternoon until I had to get up for more cardio tonight. It'll be an early night for me in hopes that I'll feel better tomorrow so I can pull out a better quad workout this week.

On a lighter note, I have officially become addicted to HGTV. It started as a fluke one night when I turned it on before going to bed. But it has since carried over into being my newest obsession when doing my cardio. I particularly enjoy House Hunters and Income Property, for those of you who are also closet HGTV fanatics. Now, I don't own a house, nor do I even plan to buy one in the near future, but there's something about these shows that just draws you in. It's like MTV Cribs for the 35-plus crowd (I know, I'm not quite part of that crowd just yet, chronologically speaking). Speaking of which, House Hunters is about to start...

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