Sunday, September 13, 2009


Can you please tell me WHY people can't wait for you to bag your groceries before they start ringing theirs up and sending them down the belt? Don't get me wrong, I'm always in a rush to do something or get somewhere, but really people, can't you let me bag my 50 bottles of Clear Splash water and 8 bags of salad in peace. This morning at the store, I had barely even gotten to the bagging area when the woman in line behind me started ringing up her crap, and then got all huffy when the machine kept telling her to wait until the bagging area was clear. Serves you right, biatch.

Well, after getting good news from the scale yesterday, I received even better news from Dave...NO CHANGES this week! Love it! Unfortunately for me, I got a little too excited and went a little overboard with my cheat meal last night. Usually, I keep the foods clean and measure everything out (I know, I think I'm legitimately OCD and ED), but not last night. I had so much anxiety about how much I'd eaten that I was having a hard time sleeping and actually sent Dave a freak-out email at 4:00am. Good thing the man's used to dealing with crazed athletes. He laughed at me, told me I was fine, and to just stick to the plan. I'm trying not to worry about it so much, since I am still 9 weeks out, and I know damn well that all the worrying will do is release cortisol, and then I really won't progress. So, I popped in a movie and tried to go back to sleep, which didn't happen until sometime around 5:30 or 6:00.

When I finally pried my eyes open this morning (MUCH later than I usually get up), I felt like I'd been out drinking the night before, minus the good stories that used come with a night of partying. Even my training partner told me I looked like hell, and he rarely says stuff like that to me, even when it's the truth. This weekend seemed to fly by, and I'm not particularly looking forward to my week ahead at work. I guess the good thing is that I'm off on Friday and will be in NYC on Saturday working at the Species booth for Team U, which is always a fun time.

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