Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trying to Get Caught Up

So, I was really hoping to get back onto my regular schedule this week so I can try to pull myself back together, but that hasn't happened (at least not the way I'd like it to). I discovered on Monday that I would have to work late tonight, which would mean that I would have to figure out how I was going to fit today's shoulder workout in. So the plan was to train quads and hams together Monday night and take an extra hour for lunch today to train shoulders. I got all my cardio in before work in the morning. Even though I'm pretty tired, it all worked out and everything got done. In fact, Monday's leg workout went surprisingly well. We did supersets for everything, and the workout looked like this:

Squats ss with Seated Leg Curl (5 sets with a rest-pause on the 5th set of squats)
Lying Leg Curl ss with Hack Squats (4 sets with a drop set on the lying curls)
Extensions ss with Stiff-leg DL's (4 sets with a rest-pause and then a drop set on the extensions)
Walking DB Lunges (3 sets)***These totally put us over the edge

I wasn't too sore yesterday but today was an entirely other story. My legs were so sore that it was tough to train shoulders, if that's even possible. But my shoulder workout went surprisingly well considering how bad I am at adapting to changes in my routine (1. I trained during lunch, 2. It was rushed, 3. I trained at my shitty gym because it's closer to work)...In my world, I had all odds against me for a good workout. My strength was pretty crappy, but I was moving faster than I typically do, which left me with a great pump. I even had enough time to squeeze in calves, which I usually do with quads on Monday.

After today, I should be back on track. Tomorrow is cardio only, and I'm desperately looking forward to this weekend because I have NOTHING planned other than training and my cheat meal. A couple days relaxing on my couch and following the Olympia coverage online will be good for me in more ways than one. I was looking at my calendar last night and realized that I only have two weekends entirely to myself during the next 7 weeks of my prep. The others either involve people coming to visit or me working at shows, all of which will be lots of fun, don't get me wrong. But I'm getting to the point in my diet where it's a struggle for me to enjoy certain things because I'm just tired all the time and would rather sleep. But I've also made sure to plan ahead and take a few days off from work here and there to recover. Hopefully that helps a bit.

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