Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Post From the Cave

Also known as my bedroom these's dark and quiet, so lately I've turned to napping in here on Sunday afternoons between trips to the gym. Things with prep are, well, they're going. I mean, really, how good can my workouts possibly be at this point, and how realistic is it to say that I feel fantastic, not tired or hungry? I'll never understand how people can say they feel great through their prep...I've tried this year and genuinely felt damn good for quite a while, but now, with 5 weeks to go, I'm just plain hurtin'. Despite feeling run down, my motivation and excitement for the show only increases each week. Dave is dropping the hammer this week, and I should hopefully see some drastic changes by Saturday....enough of this bs with my fatty legs. I want to see some separation, and this week's changes should bring just that.

This morning's workout was hams and quads, and I had no idea what I was going to do for the workout until I was literally in the gym doing my first ham exercise. Now, I NEVER train hams before quads, but having recently been told that they need to come up, I decided to flip the script and train them first, making them the focus of my workout. I pulled back on the weight and really tried to focus on squeezing and getting a good mind-muscle connection, as I have struggled with that quite a bit since this nagging ham injury has progressed. I still can't feel anything in my left ham, which is really scary when I think about it. So I just don't think about it....I got plenty of other stuff to fill my brain with. Anyway, I did a total of 14sets for hams, including lying db curls, one leg standing curls, and a superset of seated curls and stiff leg dead lifts. Then it was on to quads where I did 5 heavy sets of hacks, 3 sets of presses (2 of which were rest/pause sets), and finished with 4x15 on the leg extension. Starting with hams really allowed me to isolate my quads better and not use my hams to assist in the movements. I had to back down in weight on my quad exercises, but I think I hit 'em pretty good. Yesterday's arm workout and Friday's chest workout were both decent. I moved quick and got a good pump. They felt like productive workouts, relatively speaking.

On a non-prep note, this weekend was alumni weekend, and it's the one opportunity that I get every year to see all of my college roommates together. Unfortunately, one of them couldn't make it because she had family and work obligations that she needed to take care of. But the remaining 4 of us got together, and it was like no time passed...even though it had been a year since I'd seen a couple of them. It was great to spend time with them because these girls knew me long before I got wrapped up in the world of dieting and competing. They know ME. They have seen me at my absolute worst and associate me with more than just bodybuilding. So hanging out with them was a welcome break from being mentally enmeshed in prep. Of course, they ask me how it's going and when the show is, but it's never the focus of the conversation. It's amazing how we were all so much alike 7 years ago as seniors in college, and now we couldn't be any more different. A teacher, an attorney, a corporate America slave, and a PO...yet we still can't seem to get enough talk time in when we get together. All in all, it was a great weekend with them, but sometimes it's sad that we don't see eachother more often (granted, it's a known fact that I am the most disconnected from the bunch, as I am HORRIBLE at keeping in touch with people).

I'm off from work tomorrow, yay Columbus! I don't have any crazy plans, but I do have some errands/chores and whatnot to catch up on. So, I'll probably take advantage and sleep in a bit and just ease through my day. But for today, it's back to the cave I go!

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