Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ride or Die Bitch

Well, I'm not really, but it sounded cool. Actually, I'm just really looking forward to riding tomorrow, so to speak. I'm finally going to put to use the bike training that I did in the fall. Tomorrow I get to do home visits with two other guys who got bike trained, which means I get to ride in the beautiful weather for a few hours....THIS is when my job just rocks. And yes, we are more or less cops on go ahead keep laughing. But while you all are sitting behind your desks indoors, I'll be riding around enjoying the summer weather (albeit in the ghetto).

Tomorrow's ride is sadly the little bright spot in what's continued to be a horrible training week for me. My strength seems to be dropping off a bit, and I can't understand why. I felt weak last week and thought it was due to that special visitor, but I feel worse this week. Last night's leg workout included a nice little temper tantrum including tears and a stomp to the bathroom to pull myself together. I simply couldn't move any weight, and both of my knees have begun to hurt. I pretty much crumpled under the bar trying to squat 205. I got it for 5 and then 4 last week and struggled to get it for 3 last night. Hacks were equally unimpressive and trying to finish off with higher rep presses and extensions to make myself feel a little better with a good pump was rather lack luster. I sure hope this funk of mine lifts soon...

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