Monday, July 6, 2009

Random Crap

I don't really have anything eventful to post today, but I just got home from the gym and I'm bored, so here I post. I seem to have a bit of an over abundance of energy now that I'm not getting up early in the morning to do cardio (I'm doing my 30 minutes postworkout). I just wish I could channel it better into my workouts, as they don't seem to feel very productive lately (like I haven't mentioned that 1,000 times already). If only I could just truly relax during these next few weeks, but I'm so wound up with anticipation of the contest diet. Hell, it's almost 9pm and normally I'd be a complete zobie and trying to get ready for bed in about a half hour. Now, I'm sitting here staring at the clock wide-eyed wondering how the fuck I'm gonna fall asleep before midnight. And I'm willing to bet that I'll have a complete meltdown 10 weeks into the diet for the simple fact that I was to freaking antsy now and I'll be unnecessarily shot mentally.

I took pictures on Saturday this weekend and was reminded again that I desperately need to work with someone on my posing. The sad thing is that the person who was supposed to be there for that isn't around anymore. So now I'm left trying to figure something else out. I'm sure anyone reading this will think I'm completely nuts for worrying about posing at over 18 weeks out, but that's how I roll....PSYCHO.

Little bit of a funny story from work today (and by funny, I mean pathetic). Lately I have been doing my fieldwork with a different partner (we'll call him Benjamin Bratt--just go with me here for a minute). Usually I do my fieldwork with, well, we'll call the other guy Matthew McConaughey. Matthew just got back from vacation today and asked why I've been doing home visits so often with Benjamin. He then proceeded to jokingly tell me that he was going to fight Benjamin over fieldwork time with me. So, here I am such a lucky girl to have two attractive guys fighting over spending time with me, right? How 'bout no? Because only in my life would the two guys that are "fighting" over me both be married, and go f'ing figure, they're fighting over me for work stuff...neat. Hmmm, that could possibly be an FML story.

Aaaahhh yes, when I said random crap, I really did mean random crap. Aren't you glad you stuck around for the entire post?

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