Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Killer Quads

That's right bitches, it's been a good week so far! It's about damn time, too. So far all three workouts this week have been good, and tonight's was especially good. It's like a great quad workout is the equivalent of three good workouts for any other body part. Tonight we headed out to the same gym where I trained on Saturday because they have some awesome old school leg equipment. And when I get in a place like that, I'm like a kid in Toys R Us....it's a garaunteed HIGH VOLUME workout because I just want to use every damn machine in the place. We started out with squats, and my hamstring was feeling pretty good and my overall strength was on. I did 135/15, 175/10, 185/8, 195/7, then 205 for a solid 6.
But instead of being smart and staying with that weight for my final set, I got cocky and tried to go for 215. Although they were good reps, I only got 2. Then it was time to move on to leg press. The angle on the machine we used was ideal for my hamstring, as it put much more emphasis on my quads than the one I typically use. We did three sets of increasing weight followed by a drop set to fry the quads. The hack squat there was also angled much different than the one we usually use. It hit the glutes more than the inner quads and put quite a bit more strain on my knees, but it was a great change. We did three heavy sets there and followed that with 4 sets of higher rep extensions. And of course, I STILL wasn't ready to be done yet. My gym doesn't have a vertical leg press, so I just had to take advantage of the one here. Three sets here and the final one I started with 3 plates on each side with 10 reps, then stripped a plate from each side and did 10 more reps, and finally hammered out 15 reps after stripping another plate. I needed this workout for a little redemption because I'm feeling like I need to make the most out of my workouts during these next two weeks. I know I'll have to cut back on my volume once my diet starts, something that can be difficult for me at times.

I was considering having another cheat meal tonight, which probably would have been a good idea given the workout, but I couldn't bring myself to do it (I know, seriously, WTF is wrong with me). I wound up getting a bar and having some extra cashews, so yeah, that was my cheat meal. I'm just not hungry, and I know I'm going to regret this in about 8 weeks. But I'm usually pretty hungry the day after a leg workout so hopefully I'll be ready to throw down tomorrow. Ok, for now it's time for this old lady to get ready for bed.

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