Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Little Dieting And A Little Partying

This was my first full week on the test diet, and I would say that it yielded pretty good results. I was down to 146.4 yesterday morning, after starting at 151. I just hope that we can keep the results coming. My cardio is up to 70 minutes/day this week, but no protein/veggie days yet, thank God. I'm hoping to have a cheat meal this upcoming weekend, but I figure that since this is going to be a short diet, I won't, and it's probably for the better. I know I'll really want on once those protein/veggie days kick in. Training went ok for the rest of this week, and I had a really good shoulder workout this morning. I managed to eek out a decent back workout yesterday, but was having trouble getting that mind/muscle connection.

Friday night, I went to a wedding for a good friend of mine. That turned out to be a great time (considering the horrible news she received earlier in the week when she found out that one of her bridesmaids was diagnosed with lymphoma and would be receiving chemo on the day of the wedding). I got to party with people from work who I don't often see outside of the office. I think they were surprised that I was able to put on some make up and look presentable in a dress....the common phrase to me was, "wow, you clean up really well." Hmmm, do I really look that bad at work? So, now it's one down and two more to go. I love wedding season :-)

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