Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Recap

Saturday was the NY Pro show at the Tribecca. As planned, I got up and did 50 of my 80 minutes of cardio, rushed home to shower and eat, and then flew down to the city. I was down there by 10:30, and pre-judging started at 11. I couldn't believe how packed it got (and it only got even more packed at night). I got to meet some pretty cool people throughout the day and generally had a really good time. I don't know what it is about working at the Species booth, but I always seem to have fun. It's definitely a long day, but it's worth it. I just love being around the sport. Now don't get me wrong, there are a lot of aspects of the industry, namely the superficial one, that I absolutely can't stand. I think I find it tolerable knowing what reality I go home to during the week. My life is completely boring (in case you haven't figured that out yet), but I genuinely LIKE it that way. Working at these shows spices it up for a day and then allows me to escape back to my dull reality. It also makes me appreciate my day-to-day routine. No matter how hard I try, I could never enjoy a wild, crazy, unscheduled lifestyle. Even in college, when I truly did party hard, I still maintained a pretty boring, structured life during the week. Hell, even during the craziness of Saturday, I was still able to inject some of my own structure...after pre-judging, I ran across the street and hit up the NY Sports Club to train chest and finish off my cardio (despite a tempting offer from some friends to go to a VERY enticing steakhouse). I even got to train for free when the membership guy found out I was working for Species at the show (apparently he's a pretty big bodybuiding fan).

I didn't think I would get a good workout on Saturday, but my chest was pretty sore Sunday morning. I trained shoulders that morning and had a pretty good workout considering that my chest was more tired and sore than I expected. My weigh-in this week was 142.6, which is down 1.8 from last week....that's what I like to see, good, steady progress. And it's a nice feeling that people seem to be noticing the changes....of course, it's not that hard to see that my head has gone from looking like a watermelon to looking like a large cantelope.

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