Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trying to Pull My Head Out of My Ass

Three and a half days into my trial contest diet, and I'm still feeling fine. I've gotten rid of a lot of the water that my body clings to when I have carbs, and I'm surprisingly NOT starving....yet. I'm doing 60 minutes of cardio/day for now, which isn't bad at all. I actually had a pretty damn good leg workout last night, and my hamstring/lower back felt ok. Speaking of which, I finally took the steps towards addressing the issue and had my first meeting with a physical therapist yesterday. I'm not entirely buying what he had to say, but I'm trying to be open minded about this. He is certain that the problem originates with some asymmetry in my lower back that's causing the hamstring pain. I'm not so sure about that, but I'm willing to give it a shot. He said I should know if what he's doing is working within a couple of weeks. One thing he did tell me that put me at ease a bit was that the numbness that I'm feeling all the way down my leg and into the arch of my foot is my sciatic (sp?) nerve being compressed...something that is completely fixable. So, he worked on me and did some deep tissue massage stuff, and I go back again on Friday. If I don't have any pain relief in my hamstring in the next few weeks, I'm going to go back to my doctor and request an MRI...I just hope they have an MRI tube big enough to fit my ass into.

This past weekend, I worked the Species booth at a small show in NJ. It was pretty slow, but it's always interesting to people watch and see all the strange characters that show up for a bodybuiding show. Hopefully, I'll get to work the booth at the NY Pro in May and Atlantic States in June. I also got to train at Bev's again in Long Island this weekend. The workouts went ok, only because I tend to have a hard time focusing when I'm in a new gym, simply because I'm so self conscious. Of course, I'm just one of many vain bodybuilders training in that gym, so I'm sure we're all just too wrapped up in ourselves to pay attention to what anyone else is doing. Either way, it's nice to get a break from the sometimes lame atmosphere in my gym here. That's it for now...

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