Monday, December 8, 2008

One Month of a Lot of Stuff

My goal for this post is to be as NON-epic as possible, but we'll see just how well that really works for me. I guess I'll start with my weight and work backwards from there. As of this past Saturday, I was 148.2...which, looking back, only equates to a gain of barely two pounds in the past three and a half weeks. Granted, I was sick with a stomach bug for three days over Thanksgiving. That was particularly disappointing this year because I had such good intentions of having a killer leg workout that morning and then throwing down some serious grub later in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I felt more like throwing up...gross.

So, my progress in the gym seems to be coming to a slow and grinding halt. I have more or less stopped hitting maxes on the 5x5's. The final 5RM's look like this:
Dead Lift: 285
Bench: 125
Squat: 205
Standing Military Press: 95

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the numbers. Now it's time for a change in training style. After spending a week or so getting frustrated with my workouts, the Homeslice and I decided to take it back to some of his old school training days and do Arnold Supersets. Our split now looks like this:
Sun: Chest/Back
Mon: Shoulders/Arms
Tues: Hams (and 6x10 squats at the end)
Wed: Chest/Back
Thurs: Off (at least, for me....the boys NEVER take days off)
Fri: Shoulders/Arms
Sat: Quads

Yesterday was the first day on the new split, and I love it. The workout took forever, but I liked the whole supersetting contrasting muscles concept. Plus, it definitely kicked my ass. I was a little leery at first about changing to this style of training. Mostly because I'm a nut job who is scared of change. I'm just hoping it will give me the boost I need.

On a rather non-training note, I did go to Atlanta the weekend before Thanksgiving to see Nationals. We flew out Thursday night and stayed through Sunday morning. The hotel screwed up our reservation and we wound up in this businessman/bachelor-type room with a weird frosted glass window between the bed and the bathroom (which also happened to have a huge, all-glass, stand up shower. Weird. So we found a gym away from the craziness of the contest and trained there Friday afternoon and then went to the night pre-judging for men's and women's bb. I have to say, I was so incredibly motivated to keep growing and training big when I saw those women on stage. I know that in order for me to even be remotely competitive at that level, I need to be a solid middleweight. Probably somewhere between 127 and 130. And being the impatient person that I am, I want to be there my first time out, but I know that's just completely unrealistic. I think at this point, I'd be lucky if I got on stage at 120. Anyway, Saturday morning was Figure pre-judging, which I'm not really interested in anymore, so we went and trained. Saturday night was finals, which was an absolute blast. I forgot to mention, too....because of the Homeslice working with Dave now, we had press passes and got to sit right behind the judges table. Now THAT's the way to watch one of these shows. Overall the trip was awesome, even though we both decided that we very strongly dislike the city of Atlanta and will most likely never go back there. Can't wait for Nationals next year in Miami....hopefully one or both of us will be competing there!

Oh yeah, and one more comment to add to the inappropriate weight gain comment list. The other day, I ran into someone who I used to supervise, and she asks me if I just had a baby. I mean seriously! I know I'm bigger and I have big boobies now, but c'mon people, have some tact. So cool that criminals and coworkers alike can make these tactless remarks.

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