Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Belated Christmas

I have always compared contest prep to the Christmas season. You spend weeks getting ready for it and looking forward to it, and it's over in the blink of an eye. Then when it's over, there's that "blah" feeling of not having anything specific to direct your attention to. And if you're unfortunate enough like me to live in a place where it's cold, the passing of Christmas means there's REALLY nothing to justify the cold, snowy weather. However, despite the two feet of snow on the ground, Christmas this year was pretty great. I was able to take some time off from work (Wedensday and Friday), which meant some good rest time. Christmas Eve morning I trained chest and back and did 30 minutes of cardio with just the Homeslice. While the workout was epic (took us damn near 3 hours), it was still good. Then it was off to my pseud0-parents' house for some good eats....and eat, I did! My diet was on point all day until dinner, which consisted of pork loin, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. And yes, I did indulge in the potatoes and stuffing, as well as a glass of red wine. The real downfall was the damn cookie trays....I definitely ate WAY more cookies than I needed to and paid for it later on with a nice little stomach ache. It was a good way to learn a lesson though.

Obviously, no gyms were open on Christmas Day, so there was no training for me....which worked out since Thursday is my off day anyway. In the morning, we went to the Homeslice's parents' house for brunch and then his brother's house for dinner. Again, the diet was ok until dinner, which was prime rib. I don't typically like prime rib, but I was hungry and didn't want to be rude. In between all the eating on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, there was a lot of napping going on, which I was LOVING!

Friday morning, I trained shoulders and did my 45 minutes of cardio and then went back at night to finish up with arms. Saturday weigh-in was a dreaded moment for me considering my poor eating over the days before but proved to be pretty suprising....150.6...not much change there. Saturday morning was quads and hams, and oddly enough, this has become one of my more enjoyable workouts lately. Since taking out deadlifts on back night, my left ham has had some rest time, and it's paid off in my leg workouts. I am consistently getting stronger in my squats each week, as I am determined to have a tight, high butt come November. I managed to get 205 for 6 (205 was my 5x5 big improvement there), and then thought I'd try 215. Not surprisingly, it was a little big for my britches, and I only got 2...but they were a solid, tight 2. So, I guess that's something-another step closer to that 225 goal.

And, this morning was chest and back again, which was rather uneventful but pretty draining nonetheless. Right now the plan is to continue with these supersets for another two weeks and then maybe switch back to the 5x5 (which still scares me). Though, I will certainly welcome the break from my aching joints and tendons....

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