Thursday, February 18, 2010

First Time Training Back....Ever

Well, that's what it feels like after last night's back workout. At the time, I thought the workout was going to be a waste because I didn't even bother to try dead lifting. My lower back and hamstring were so f'ing sore from the work Mike did on Monday that I wasn't even going to attempt deads. I knew it would be a mind fuck for the rest of the workout. Instead, I had one of my classic "temper tantrums" and just annihilated my back with close to 30 sets of nothing but different row and pull-down exercises. I knew I'd probably be a little sore today but definitely not like this. It's deep down in the muscle sore over my ENTIRE back. And there's nothing like waking up with this feeling at 5am and knowing that a workout that pissed you off ultimately tore you up.

This definitely made tonight's ham workout a little bit of a rough go. My lower back was still just so sore, and I had a difficult time feeling a connection with my hams (not that I ever get a great mind-muscle connection anymore when training them). But, I think we got the job done. Earlier workouts this week, quads on Sunday and delts/chest on Monday were pretty good. I have to say, the skiing didn't seem to have an impact on my leg workout. In fact, my weights went up on just about everything for that workout. Hmmm, maybe I should have gone to Vancouver this year. I may not be tall like a lot of these female skiers, but I sure can pack some weight on my dimunitive frame to help get me down the mountain faster. Keep an eye out for my debut in the 2014 winter games.

Outside of the gym, things have been going really well. And, of course, that always seems to lend itself to helping me have better workouts and a better frame of mind towards training/dieting. I'm doing a little better of a job creating balance in my life this offseason. Hopefully, I can carry this over into my contest prep, but I have to admit, I'm not very optimistic about that. Then again, what, exactly am I ever optimistic about?

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