Sunday, January 10, 2010

Keeping Myself On Track

Quick update...yesterday's weight was 138.2. I have no idea how I gained 2 lbs this week. My body has shown very little consistency with my weight lately, but in the four weeks that I've been following this diet, I've gained 2.8 lbs total. So, I guess that's not too bad for the month. No new maxes to report for the week, so I feel like I'm making zero progress. I seem to have developed some tendonitis in my left shoulder, and I couldn't even get 105 for 5 on standing presses last Monday. Then for dead lifts, my hamstring was back to hurting again, and I only got 250 for 3. I tried it twice, but I was trying to listen to my body and not force the weight up. This morning was quads again, and I tanked it on squats...getting 205 for 3 on two separate attempts. But I put presses back into the workout, and we definitely killed it on those. The workout looked short when I wrote it down in my log, but it was MUCH more difficult than it looked.

For the first time since I started in this sport, I finally put a food log together to do a breakdown of my protien, carbs, fats, and overall calories. As I figured, my calories are around 2500 (2564 to be exact). But my protein was a lot higher than I thought and my fats a little lower, so I may do some adjusting there to lower the protein and increase the fats in order to keep things around 2500. Guess that it's for today. Quick and boring.

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