Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's Time to Get Growin' Again

Well, it's that time finally! I'm making some changes in my offseason plan yet again that will hopefully bring good progress. My weight is all over the map, and I've seen virtually no consistency. Yesterday's weigh-in left me scratching my head after seeing 139.6 staring back at me...another WTF moment. I lost 2.2 lbs from the week before. I just don't get it. One minor change I did make (that shouldn't have made that much of a difference) was that I took all cashews out of my diet and substituted another 1/2 tbs of PB. While this was rather tragic for me, I think they've been causing me some tummy issues that have caused me to almost have to buy stock in air fresheners. Of course, the PB could also be a source of the problems. I'm thinking that once I run out of the PB I have, I'll try AB. And if that fails, I'll try mac nut oil in my shakes instead.

I've also switched up my workout plan and will be trying a version of Power/Rep Range/Shock, which is a staple in Muscle Mag. I've had workouts set up for each bodypart and for each segment of the program. This week is a power week, which means a focus on lower reps. So, I kicked things off with quads, and it'll take some getting used to because I'm only allowed a certain number of sets to get my work in. I have a bad habit of adding extra sets on when I feel I haven't done enough in the preceeding sets, which often leads to REALLY long workouts. I'm looking forward to see what happens over the next several weeks with this program since I've never tried anything like it. I'm still feeling a little unfocused in my offseason, but maybe these changes will help bring things together for me. Hmmm, I think I've said that a few times over the past three months...

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