Sunday, August 30, 2009

You Mean You Don't Eat Chocolate?

This contest prep is a funny thing, you know. It brings lots of weirdos out of the woodwork. Yesterday, I went to the "Vacation Gym" to train since I seem to get really good back workouts there. Well, I wasn't even two sets into my first exercise of pull downs when some older guy, let's say mid-50's, tries to "work in." Apparently, he felt that since we were using the same machine, it would be ok for him to talk to me....and stare at my bubbies. Now, I don't mind giving you the generic answer about my training and diet, but for fuck's sake, have enough respect to look me in the eye when you talk to me. His ogling was so obvious and obnoxious, I couldn't hold back. I politely (sort of) asked him if he would stop looking at my chest because I felt it was inappropriate. That seemed to shut him up and help him figure out that he should move on to another machine. Fastforward to my next excercise, and I'm on my last heavy set, and some other older guy, now we'll go with mid-60's, starts talking to me in the middle of my set. I couldn't hear a damn word of what he was saying because my headphones were so loud...which is a good note for the average gym-goer to remember: if YOU can hear the music from my headphones, then chances are that I can't hear you.

This morning's coversation was really the icing on the cake (mmmmm, cake). I was approached by a woman in the locker room first thing this morning who actually said I looked like I should be in a magazine or on TV....ok, lady, why don't you call my "agent" and tell him that. Without exaggeration, she gushed about how great I look (I hope the judges agree with her in November) and then asked if I workout a lot. So after I give HER the generic answer, she replies, "So you mean, you don't eat any chocolate?" Umm, unless you count chocolate Isolyze, then no.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the compliments. But what gets me, especially about a woman like today, is that 6 months ago you still probably saw me every day in the gym and were probably disgusted with how "bulky" I looked. You probably thought that I wasn't training hard and was eating crappy foods. It's no different than the overweight women at work who asked me back in the winter if I'd stopped training and are now telling me how great I look. Again, thanks for the compliments now, but really, it's tacky to repeatedly comment on someone's weight gain/loss.

Moving along...I'm five weeks into prep and still feeling good, relatively speaking. Granted, I feel like I'm on a contest diet, but I'm genuinely still enjoying it. Enjoying how I look and the changes that I'm seeing weekly. I hit a little bump in the road at the end of the week in that I seem to have come down with a sinus infection/bad allergies, but I've been resting all weekend and am starting to feel a little better. This past week brought good progress again, having lost another 1.2 pounds and a noticable change in my physique. One of the things I was blessed with genetically is a small waist, which seems to get smaller and smaller each week (something I'm NOT complaining about at all). I've got one more notch on my weight belt before I have to drill another hole, and I don't know how that's going to happen since I don't have access to anything that's powerful enough to cut another hole into that thing....where's a hot handyman when you need one? I only hope that my back and shoulders have grown enough to really show off a decent V taper with my small waist. Maybe a little chocolate will help them grow...

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  1. Why are people always surprised to find out that working out regularly and eating right are key factors in obtaining a beautiful physique??

    Good for you for telling off the old dude... I don't always have the balls to say anything, which is often why I just look angry in the gym... I'd rather people not talk to me. Lately I've had a few people stop me (WHY do guys feel the need to do this??) and tell me that they always try to talk to me, but can't. Umm, yeah... it's called focus and I lose it when I have to take my noise-reduction earbuds out of my ear so you can ask me stupid things like where I got my ink done... Do I not look busy with these dumbbells in my hand, guy??

    I've considered throwing them at people before if it wouldn't get me thrown out. :)

    Anyway, your posts always crack me up. I love checking in here... glad prep is going well. And be cranky if ya wanna - you're allowed to be! ;)