Sunday, August 23, 2009

12 weeks out

4 weeks down and I'm still hanging in and feeling pretty good. I dropped another two pounds this week and continue to get tighter and it! Unfortunately, as is so typical for me, my upper body and lower body look like they belong to two completely different people. My upper body is pretty hard and I'm getting veins in my lower abs in the morning already. But my legs and my ass are still just a fat mess. It's a tough pill to swallow because I know how difficult it's going to be to get my lower half in shape.

Workouts for the rest of the week last week were still pretty good, but I can feel the diet starting to catch up to me. I start off really strong in the workout but my strength drops off toward the end, and I even start to get the sluggish, foggy feeling. I have this obscene fear about cutting back more volume on my workouts because I'm afraid I won't get enough work in to stimulate the muscle. Damn, I sound completely crazy.

Now that I'm really settling in to dieting and the routine of prepping again, I amaze myself at just how routine and robotic I can become. Before long, my posts are all going to be the exact same (I feel like they're already getting there). I'm still making an effort not to be overcome with crankiness and a miserable attitude, or at least not subject the poeple around me to it. Fortunately, I have a certain few people who will NOT let that happen, at least not this early on. Another good thing is that work has slowed down and become a little more manageable, which was a major contributing factor to my original anxiety about prepping. I wish I could say I've stuck to my guns about not doing any overtime during prep, but that has not exactly been the case. The only thing I can say about that, though, is that I'm lucky enough to be able to work with such a great partner. So, for now, things overall are going great....let's just hope they stay in order for the next 12 weeks.

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