Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rainy Saturday

If I wanted all this rain that we've had over the past two weeks, I would be living in Seattle or England....this blows! Anyway, the weather sucks, but I had a sick back workout this morning. I was going to dead lift, but the numbness in my leg was really bad, so I figured it would be frustrating and counterproductive for me to even try. So, the workout looked something like this...

CG pull downs: 100/20, 140/12, 150/10, 150/10, 160/8

Behind the neck pulldowns: 110/10, 110/10, 110/10
ss w/ Straight-arm pressdows: 90/10, 100/8, 100/8

T-Bar Rows: 185/8, 195/7, 205/6

1-arm DB Rows: 80/10, 85/8, 85/8

Bent-over BB Rows: 115/20, 125/17, 125/15

WG pull downs: 90/20, 90/20, 90/20

I was very happy with my strength, and even on my heavier sets, I kept my form tight, something that I tend to let go as I get to heavier weights. After a bit of a rough week where I felt crappy all around, this was a good way to end the week. I took my time and didn't even look at the clock during the workout. Afterwards, I practiced posing and ran through my routine a couple of times. I gained 2lbs. this week (up to 141.2) but that was expected since I added the extra meal and cut the cardio back to 5 days. But even with the weight gain, I was still hard and full up top and was happy with how I looked. Tomorrow I'll take pics, and I'll be brought back to reality when I see how gross my ass still looks.

I will admit, though, I've been following along on RX with the coverage of Jr. Nationals and am inspired to keep plugging along and making as many gains as possible in this next few weeks of my offseason (about 5 left). And after looking at pictures of some of the figure girls, I am so glad that I decided to make the switch to bodybuilding. Don't get me wrong, there were girls that looked good, but I recognized some girls that I met there last year and noticed that they had tried to bring in softer packages, and it seemed to take away from their whole shape. I already know that I'm not going to be one of the bigger girls on stage this year(I'll either be a tall, skinny lightweight or just a small middleweight at Nationals), but dammit, I'm going to be hard as nails. I believe that we have 100% control over our conditioning, and I refuse to get on stage with anything less than spot-on conditioning.

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