Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's Not Rocket Surgery

After receiving my negative MRI results, my doctor sent me to get an EMG on some of the nerves in my lower back. Not only was it a useless test, but it was just NOT fun for me. After the doctor used a stun gun-like object to stimulate the nerves in my lower leg (yeah, I said lower leg, not lower back), he proceeded to tell me that he was going to do the needle test. Ummm, nobody told me anything about needles. So I warned him that I don't handle needles very well and get light-headed and queasy. His response? Well, it's more like a pin than a needle. Potato, Potatoe....you're still sticking me with a sharp instrument! Not surprisingly, the results were negative and they still don't know what's wrong with me. Well, Einsteins, if you listened to me (heaven forbid) and took some kind of image of my left hamstring, I'd bet any amount of money, you'll find that's where the problem lies. I'm not usually one to do much research, but I looked into the different heads of the hamstring and found that the of the two that connect at the most medial point in the body, the semitendinosus looks to be what's injured. Everything that that particular head is responsible for and where it innervates matches EXACTLY what my symptoms are. I guess I am going to have to be more forceful with my doctor on this one.

As far as training goes, there was an addition to my usual training duo this past Sunday. A friend of a friend who goes to my gym asked if he could jump in with me and my regular training partner, bringing the total number of training partners I've had that are named "Sean" up to four now....weeeeeiiiiiird. I typically don't like training with more than two people, but the workout went surprisingly fast for having 3 people. Not a bad workout but also nothing to write home about. Last night's arm workout, well let's just say, blech. But there's a monthly reason for that. So, I'm sure tonight's leg workout will be just deeeeelightful. I feel like an f'ing water balloon. This week, we cut my cardio back to 5 days (3 days at 45 minutes and two days at 60 minutes) and added a 6th meal (a shake). With my luck, I'll be up 3 pounds by Saturday....go me.

Oh yeah, and one final, small thing that I have to mention because I'm so easily amused. A friend of mine went to Trader Joe's this past weekend. And knowing that I've recently developed a love of their crunchy almond butter, he bought me two jars of it! I can't wait to dig into those bad boys! Speaking of digging in, it's time for me to dig into some chicken and cashews....mmmmmm, cashews.

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  1. gotta love doctors...aren't they supposed to know anatomy?