Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Untitled (because I can't think of anything good)

It's simply amazing that I can stick to an extremely restricted diet for 16 weeks without cheating, yet cutting some calories in the offseason is making me go crazy. I'm officially one week and two and a half days into this "pseudo-diet," and I am so stinkin' hungry! And I only cut out 430 calories from my nearly 3,000 calorie offseason plan. The bright side to this suffering is that I am losing weight. I was 145.6 this past Saturday, and I'm one notch tighter on my weight belt (even at night!). As of right now, I'm thinking I'll follow this plan for four weeks total and see where I'm at. The past week was supposed to be lighter training, but that proved unsuccessful. I really have a hard time scaling my training back when I train with the Homeslice or Clarke. I'm so used to chasing down their weights and know that they are always hitting it hard, so for me to scale back makes me feel like a wuss. I was going to make another attempt at lightening things up this week, but, again, that's not working too well for me so far this week. My chest was really sore from Sunday, and I was deadlifting 285 last night. 285 happens to be my 5RM, and I pulled it last night after doing 225 for 5, then 245 for 5 twice, then 265 for 5. So I would venture to guess that I've gained some strength back there ;-) I did pull back quite a bit for the rest of the workout though. Tonight is arms, so that shouldn't be too hard to take easy. I'll try to just focus on my form and getting a good pump. I am definitely guilty of trying to throw weight around sometimes.

This past weekend I had my first deep tissue massage ever, and it was as painful as I heard it would be. The really dig into your muscles to get to your connective tissue, and I was definitely sore yesterday and a little today (of course, I'm sure training back last night didn't exactly help). when she massaged my quads it felt like she was pulling the muscle away from the bone just like when you pull apart pieces of chicken...nice imagery, huh? Then she would literally move my scapula out so that she could massage underneath it....also very weird. It seems that I would be much better off spending my money on a deep tissue massage once a month rather than going to the chiropractor once a week. In fact, I think I'll give it another adjust ment or two with her and then call it quits. My shoulder still hurts, and I still get some numbness in my hand. It's improved, but not all that much. Guess it will just be another ache that I'll wind up training around. Man, getting old sucks.

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