Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fatty's Losin' Some Weight

That's right, this weekend I was 143.8....that would be 1.8 lbs less than last week. So, I seem to be on a pretty good roll here. I made a minor change this weekend and had my cheat meal on Sunday night instead of Saturday. Unfortunately for me, due to some relationship drama, I did not enjoy my cheat meal like I should have. It's amazing how the disruption of relationship bliss can completely result in a loss of appetite. I actually had to choke the meal down because I simply wasn't hungry. It's funny because when things get rocky on that end, I know that the gym will always be there, and I always seem to have a much better perspective on things after training.

Despite my rediculous thoughts that I would lose strength quickly while on my pseudo-diet, that obviously hasn't been the case. At the very least, I have maintained, and even in some things have continued to improve. A couple of notable lifts for me this week....12 plates (6 on each side) leg press for 15 reps and 295 for 3 deadlifting. Also, for standing military press, I got 100 up for 4....so close. I'm hoping this week will be the week for that 5th rep.

I have a feeling I will only stay on this diet for another week before going back to increased calories. I was hoping maybe to run it until I get to 140....which would probably be another two weeks, but we'll see what the Homeslice has to say. I thought I had more to say when I started this post, but I guess not....THAT'S a first, huh? So, I guess it's back to the drunkards I go....

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