Monday, January 26, 2009

I Dink I'b Cubbing Down Wid a Cold

Weekend weigh-in was 142.8...down 1 pound exactly and right on track. I'm going one more week on this diet, and then it looks like I'll be back to eating lots again. Training has been going well. I was thinking that I should start posting my actual workouts in here, but I'm too damn lazy to transfer them from my training log onto here. So, my vague, undetailed summaries will have to suffice. Basically, I only post numbers when they're good and avoid even commenting on the shitty workouts...which happen plenty often.

One thing I will mention that I am particularly proud of was the way I approached training tonight. Most people will think I'm rediculous, but anyone who knows me knows that when I go into the gym I have an all or nothing approach. Which is good 95% of the time, but has led to unproductive workouts and overtraining. Anyway, knowing how awful I felt tonight, I took the mentality of just trying to get a good pump and mind-muscle connection. I didn't try to set the world on fire. No pressure to beat the log book. And I took out dead lifts. Again, I know this may sound crazy, but it was actually difficult for me to take them out. I feel like a week without doing them is a wasted back workout. But I knew I didn't have it in me to do them because they are one exercise that I don't know how to back off on.

Part of me trying to alter the way I approach training (tonight and overall lately) has to do with watching the Homeslice. From the very beginning of us training together, I have always admired the way he trained. There was always a little more gas in the tank, always room for one more rep or one more set. And he rarely, if ever, took time off to recover. I watched him make rediculous gains in his first real offseason last year because of his ability to train like this. While that mentality hasn't changed one bit, I have slowly seen his body breaking down because of this. His workouts have begun to suffer because his body can no longer handle what it once could, and as a direct result, he can't wrap his head around training differently to accomodate for his injuries. He has taught me so much about training, dieting, and competing. Virtually everything I know about the sport has come from his own trial and error as well as his guidance. I would be foolish not to learn from his current situaiton. I love this sport too much to break my body down so early on in my "career." So, I'm trying to train a little smarter and listen to my body in hopes that it will lead me down a successful path.

Speaking of listening to my body, my cold medicine is telling me that it's time to go pass out....g'nite.

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