Monday, September 15, 2008

Shock But No Awe

I made it through my first week back to training in one piece...barely. I managed to finish off last week with a couple of decent workouts. Shoulders on Thursday night and arms on Saturday morning went pretty well, but hams on Friday just sucked. Granted, my quads were still so intensely sore from Wedensday that my ham workout wasn't all that productive. In fact, here it is 5 days after my quad workout and they're STILL f'ing sore. Unfortunately, it seems that I've lost a significantly greater amount of strength in my legs than in my upper body. And I have a distinct feeling that it's going to be much harder for me to get that strength back. It's so frustrating. I realize that getting this surgery was not necessary by any means, and I need to understand the tradeoff. But there have been times during this past week when I feel like I've lost so much of what I've worked so hard for. This feeling was not helped out by a comment I received while at the gym on Saturday, either. One of the girls at my gym who I have trained with a few times informed me that it makes her feel so much better to see me with the extra weight now because I "look like the rest of us." I mean, really, was that necessary? I know what you're thinking, she didn't mean it like that, blah blah blah. I realize that, but still, who says that to someone?

As usual, I weighed myself on Saturday...133.6. Not entirely surprising since I significantly increased my calories this week and added carbs back in. I have gone back to the original diet plan that Sean set up for me at the end of June when I kicked into offseason mode. I'm pretty sure that once I get back into heavy training he'll want to increase the calories some more. I've also received strict instructions from him to take it easy for one more week. Yeah, I'll work on that. Though, I will say that not going to Atlantic City this weekend and getting plenty of rest has helped my body recover from the shock of training last week. I do feel like I missed out a bit by not going, but I know that it was ultimately better for me not to go. Besides, I may be going to Nationals in Atlanta in November, which is a pretty cool trade off.

Anyway, now that I have wasted an hour of Dutchess County's precious time and tax payers dollars, I must return to fighting crime...or rather typing term papers.

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