Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Hurtin' Unit

Apparently "take it slow and easy" is NOT in my training repertoire. Here it is only Thursday of my first week back, and I feel like I've been hit by a bus. I completely overdid back on Monday (thank you dead lifts) and have been paying for it ever since. I was good on Tuesday when I trained chest, as I had a certain added fear since I know I'm still healing. Unfortunately for me, my lower back was still screaming come last night when I tried to train quads, and this is where the real trouble began. With my two fave partners, we started off with 4 sets of leg press. Ok, not so bad. Not a lot of strength, but I can still hammer some reps out. Well, we decided to do a 5th set and strip plates off after 5 reps. I had 5 plates on each side and tried to push out my 5 reps...I couldn't even get the second rep and they had to pull the sled off my chest. What the? Frustrated, I bolted to the bathroom to try to pull myself together because I was on the verge of committing the ultimate gym sin. I was about to cry. I managed to make it to the stall before the tears came, but it was still so embarassing and frustrating. After I pulled it together, I tried to hit that last set. I got 5 (shitty) reps with 5 plates, then 5 again with 4 plates, 5 with 3, 6 with 2, and then 10 with one. I thought that would mentally reset me for the rest of the workout. Not so. I proceeded through the rest of the workout of 1 and a half rep hack squats, 6 sets of extensions, and three sets of smith lunges on the verge of tears the entire time and incredibly frustrated that I had even less strength than I thought I would. In fact, I couldn't even make it to the last exercise...6 sets of squats for high reps. My legs and lower back especially were completely done. I have been training since I was a senior in high school (that would be 11 years for you non math majors), and I have NEVER EVER EVER bailed before the end of a workout. I have had workouts during contest prep that have left me pretty teared up, but I've never not finished them.

Anyway, tonight is a new night and another chance to redeem myself doing shoulders. Let's hope things run a little more smoothly. I think "slow and easy" needs to be my new mantra for the next week and a half.

So, in other non-training related news, my body is technically not the only thing hurting these days. My poor little car is quite f'ed up, too. When I came out to the parking lot from work today, I found a note on my car and some very large scratches and dents in the driver side rear bumper and quarter panel. Some girl hit my car when she was pulling into her spot this morning (our parking lot is rediculously tight). Lucky for me, she was nice enough to have left her number and has offered to pay for the damages. It was just one hassle that I don't need. I was supposed to go to the Atlantic City Pro this weekend to work the ALRI booth again, but I just don't have it in me to do it. Between my poor car, some exceptional extra stress at work, plus my struggle to get back into training have left me completely drained emotionally and not feeling much like being nice to the typical bodybuilding show d-bag. All I want is to have a nice, quiet, BORING weekend at home consisting of some good training and lots of relaxation.

For now, it's off to the gym...

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