Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Next Stop...Columbus!

Final post before I head out for the big weekend. I am more than anxious to get the f outta here! I'm looking forward to a weekend of craziness and meeting new people. I'm pretty much packed and ready to roll, with the exception of a couple of last minute things. So, I pretty much need to just make it through the rest of this crapola day here at work, and then it's Arnold time! Since my flight doesn't leave until 3 tomorrow afternoon, I'll be able to train in the morning before I head out (so I'll theoretically only miss two workouts over the weekend). I land in C-bus around 7:30pm, and I know it's going to be non-stop from that point on. As much as I love my sleep (probably more than even the average sleep-lover), I am fully prepared to get virtually none of that this weekend. I have every intention of cramming as much as possible into this weekend, and then just die on the flight home on Sunday.

Alright, peeps....I'm outta here!

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  1. Hey Melissa, let me know if you wanna shoot - we're in C-Bus til Monday morning!