Sunday, March 14, 2010

Arnold Aftermath

Ugh, I think I'm dying. And from what I understand, I don't think I'm the only person who was at the Arnold last weekend that is or has been sick since coming home. All week long, I could feel a cold brewing, and I made a valiant effort to fight it off. But today, it finally just told me to fuck off. In fact, I think it's safe to say that I've just been a mess all week. I've had pretty much no routine, and I'm all over the place with training, diet, and well, just about everything. I'm WAY far behind at work, and it's only going to get worse when I go for the first part of DT training for two weeks at the end of the month. Then on Thursday, I had to take the day off from work to go up to Albany to deal with a speeding ticket. And instead of just relaxing when the weekend came, I was up early yesterday morning to head down to LI to have Mike wreak some (good) havoc on my back and hamstring. Even though I was feeling like crap, I still went to Bev's and hit arms and did some cardio. Then I attempted to drive home in a monsoon, rear-ended someone in the bumper to bumper traffic on the Southern State, and to top it off, my phone got completely soaked when I was trying to deal with the yeah, it doesn't really work right now. I managed to get home early enough to run to the Verizon store only to find out that I'm 6 weeks shy of being eligible for a phone upgrade, and I sure as hell was not going to pay $500 for a new phone. After arguing with the tech guy for 20 minutes, I finally gave up and told them to just send me a replacement of my current phone (which at least will be free because my phone is still under full warranty)...problem is, I won't get it until Tuesday or Wednesday. At least I can still sort of text message on my phone, so I'm not completely incommunicado. Although, considering how I'm feeling today, it hasn't been such a bad thing.

This morning, I got up feeling a little rough, but I figured with some caffiene and some cold medicine, I'd be able to pull it together enough to crank through a leg workout, especially since there was no shortage of motivation to hit legs because I'd missed this workout last week. Well, I finally dragged myself to the gym at 9:30, did one warm up set of squats then packed up my belt and training log and got the F outta there. Between the coughing, sniffling, achiness, and feverish feeling, there was no way in hell I was moving any weights of any sort today. I came straight home and have been on the couch all day. This rarely ever happens to me, but when I get sick, it completely knocks me out. I'm just so frustrated because I was hoping to get back on a routine this week, and already that's been blown out of the water. I don't miss workouts. That's not how I roll. Being a barely average athelete with higher than average goals, I know I need to work twice as hard as my competitors in order to even come close to reaching those goals. And missing workouts isn't part of that repetoir. People say, "Oh, well it's the offseason, it's ok," but as far as I'm concerned, this is where my work needs to be done. Contest prep is simply the opportunity to uncover the work. I'm hoping that the fact that I listened to my body today and didn't train will leave me feeling a little more refreshed tomorrow when I plan to take another shot at training legs. I feel like I should do cardio in the morning before work, but I'm also thinking that it might be to my benefit to NOT do it. Guess I'll be calling an audible on that one. For now, it's back to watching the Millionaire Matchmaker and falling in and out of a consciousness on the couch curled up with my box of pathetic.

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  1. Girl, I'm so with you. I've been sick since Friday night! :( Hope the fender bender wasn't too bad. Sucks about your phone too... verizon is a bitch like that. I was 4 weeks shy of an upgrade in December when I convinced them to change my phone upgrade date to ASAP. If you call them, they're much more likely to do it for you than they are in the store. I don't know why, but my friend told me to do that and they actually complied.

    Oh how I love Patti and the MM crew... I love almost everything on Bravo actually. I wish the gym had that channel on the cardio machines!