Saturday, October 18, 2008

Go Shawty, It's Your Birthday

An an entire week without posting=me being LAZY. Regardless, this week offered a number of significant strength gains overall. Pretty much all of my numbers went way up. We've kind of veered away from consistently doing 5x5's on compound exercises, but the few that I did do this week were pretty good. Deadlifting is not coming back as quickly as I thought, and I have a feeling that it's due to this nagging left hamstring injury (not exactly sure what the problem is) that sometimes causes my left foot to go numb. I'm thinking that it might be time to take a trip to the doc. I've heard very good things about ART therapy, and there is a doc nearby who has worked on several local athletes. One of these days I'll pull myself together and set up an appointment. See it really is amazing how lazy I am outside of the gym. So, I digress...back to the workouts. The most notable strength increase actually came with this morning's shoulder workout. We started with 5x5 standing BB presses. I have consistently struggled for weeks to get 85 for 5. But today, that came easy. And that was only my 4th set. So for number 5, I tried for 90....and I got it, clean and all. That was definitely a confidence booster. We finished the rest of the workout with 3 heavy sets of DB presses, 3 sets of DB side raises, 3 sets of 1-arm cable side raises, 3 sets of bent-over DB raises and reverse cable flies, and finished off with two sets of high rep 1-arm hammer presses. I love Saturday morning workouts.

Speaking of increasing weight...I nearly had a heart attack when I weighed myself this morning. 144. Fuck, I hate this! Up 4 pounds from last week. That's two weeks in a row of serious weight gain. 3 pounds two weeks ago, and now 4 pounds last week. I told the Homeslice this morning that we need to make some changes to the diet because I'm definitely putting on too much fat. He seemed kind of open to the idea, but still told me to get over it and keep eating for now. And I swear, if one more person at work tells me how much "bigger" or "bulky" I look, I'm going to dump my oatmeal on their head. The best is when they try to backpeddle and tell me that I look better with the weight and that I was "too skinny" before. I even had one woman tell me that I look "more womanly" with my "new curves." Seriously, bite me.

Ok, enough ranting about that. On a (sort of) better note, this past Thursday was my birthday...and I got to celebrate it Hanukkah-style this year. Presents every night of the week leading up to the actual day. It was great, and I now have an entirely new gym wardrobe...yay for UnderArmor!! It's sad to say that I have much nicer clothes for the gym than for work. I'll spend $150 on a pair of sneakers for the gym, but I won't spend more than $40 for a pair of dress shoes for work. Oh well, why bother trying to look good for a bunch of criminals, right?

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